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Q: What is a MicroBypass®?

A: A MicroBypass® is an electronic controller that emulates a parking brake signal procedure when a compatible aftermarket car stereo and/or navigation system is used in an off-road (non automobile) application (e.g., retail store display, boat, or RV).

MicroBypass® electronic controllers do NOT connect to a vehicle's actual parking or foot brake wires (it will cause irreparable damage to the MicroBypass®).

MicroBypass® electronic controllers do NOT defeat, bypass, or otherwise interfere with any vehicle road safety features, or vehicle safety systems.

In a typical vehicle radio installation, all of the required connections are available (e.g., power, ground, accessory, speaker leads, and parking and/or foot brake wires), and there is no need for a MicroBypass® (all of the necessary connections are already present in a typical automobile installation).

However, a retail store display, boat, or RV will not have the necessary parking and/or foot brake wires present and few options to create these essential connections exist (such as an obtrusive toggle switch). This is when a MicroBypass® can be used to automatically emulate the parking and/or foot brake lockout routine and activate the normally restricted features of the radio (such as bluetooth setup, clock settings, EQ, video playback, etc).

⚠︎WARNING! MicroBypass® electronic controllers are NOT to be used in any on-road vehicles or applications, or where the use of the device is prohibited by law. Do not install a MicroBypass® where a driver may be able to view the monitor while driving. The driver of the vehicle may become distracted, and an accident could occur. Install the MicroBypass® only in retail store displays, marine, or RV applications where there is not a parking and/or foot brake to connect to. Illegal use prohibited!